New York St Style

Having lived in New York now for the better part of 8 months I know one thing to be true of New Yorkers. They are can slot nicely into 3 categories. They are either particularly good dressers, corporate dressers or the worse dressers I have ever seen. 

I am fascinated by this city that never sleeps. At 7am you can pass a women wearing a gorgeous party dress with her heels in her hand, someone decked out from head to toe in an adidas workout kit and a corporate women in a understated business shirt and a grey suit skirt. 

I love to people watching and I get inspiration from what others are wearing and the outfits they put together. I am not terribly concerned with the wall street types unless they have on bright pink stiletto's with that corporate suit but in the case of hipsters, students and the fashionistas I am always watching.

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