Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vintage Hollywood themed wedding

This blog will include some great tips and ideas for designing, decorating and accessorizing your dream wedding. A wedding can be made so much more relaxed when you withdraw just a tad from tradition an allow a slight theme to your day.

The first case in study will actually be my wedding day. 

Our wedding was the furthest thing from traditional. My husband and I pulled it off in under 3 weeks. No joke. We wanted a very small simple wedding and that is what we planned for. A small celebration In New York city's gorgeous Central Park for 30 - 40 guests. Then an intimate dinner at one of my husbands and my favorite restaurants on the Upper East side.

I really wanted to have a theme for our day to keep it relaxed and fun for our guests as well as for us.
I found this also helped with decisions in regards to invitation design, wedding decorations, dress and other aspects of the wedding, that brides tend to agonize about for months.

 Picking a theme is a great way to keep everything on track and stylized in a cohesive way.
You don't need to follow the theme so much so that your day becomes to kitsch. But following a loose plan will help keep all the contractors (photographer, makeup, decorators etc) on the same page.

So our theme: "A touch of Hollywood Glam"

One of the first things to send out is a "save the date" card. I designed these in gold and black. I knew I wanted gold as one of my colors as it is so lush and makes things look classy and glamorous and is in keeping with our theme.

Followed by the actual invitation. This included all the information required for the "big day" Note: It is very important to keep all stationary cohesive in design.

I was so lucky to find a dress that looked very glamorous and vintage, fit my theme perfectly and i received it in a week.....which was crazy.

My dress was from: 

My accessories were chosen to be very sparkly and glam. I love designing jewelry and hair pieces so this part was incredibly fun for me. You can purchase my designs here

We sent out a 5 page pdf via email  which had suggestions for our guests. We didn't want anyone to feel stressed or put off by the fact that there was a "dress code" for our wedding so we sent some gentle "suggestions" This is not necessary but we thought it was needed to help our guests get into the swing of things.

Our guest really got into it. There was lots of glitter, tassels, fur and lace.

Even the boys had fun with it.

 The table settings and decorations were chosen to mimic the theme and the colors, lush golds white and pink.

As did jewelry and floral arrangements.

Get the Photographer on board with the theme: Once we told our photographer what our theme for the wedding was, she took the reigns and was so excited. She directed us how to stand and went about finding us locations (within our locations) for the shoot. It was great and the pictures of the day came out so well. We were thrilled - amazing photographer

  This was one of my favorite pictures - the elevator in our building. 

  And when its all over and the confetti has settled, don't forget to send the thank-you cards.
These ones I handmade using gold embossed paper and a rubber stamp. I choose cream colored card and gold envelopes.

In conclusion. I think a theme is a great way to keep a wedding fun. It get your guests involved and makes for some great photographs. So relax your wedding day is going to always one for you to remember make it one for your guests to remember also.

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