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Alice in Wonderland Themed wedding

Photo credit: Brandon Kidd Photographs

Alice in Wonderland weddings are my favorite theme because nothing is further from perfection. This is the only theme i can think of where mismatch works.This doesn't mean that you should gather all your odds and ends and call it a day. You still need to put some thought into how to organize this chaos....

Here are just a few hints to help you design your day.

Photo credit:Couture Events


First start with a great invitation. One element such as the clocks is enough to share the theme.  Keep the invitation clear and easy to read. This goes for all printed material, Save the date, menu's place cards etc. Keep it Simple. One or two elements of the theme will suffice.


Garden weddings are great - weather permitting. Use what nature set up for you to help decorate your wedding. Hanging things in trees make great visual levels.

 It is easy to get carried away with decorations and by all means you should (it would not be the Mad hatters tea party if you didn't) but remember the practical aspects of a wedding.

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Some favorite Alice in Wonderland decorations.

Playing Cards
Cake stands
Tea pots
Mis matched plates
Candle sticks
Toad stills
Table clothes

Table settings

When decorating your tables keep in mind one thing, people have to sit and eat at those tables without knocking their glasses over. I have seen some fab table decorations, but some are completely impracticable.
Designing elaborate centre pieces are great, if you like to get carried away and are likely to go overboard, just make them so that someone can remove them when dinner is served.

When setting your plates make sure you have enough room around them to move, People don't want to feel cluttered or boxed in. The great thing about this theme is you could have as many mismatched plates here as you need, just avoid chipped or cracked plates.

With the menu once again print with one motif from the theme, keep it clear and easy to read.

Photo credit: Couture events

Cakes and cupcakes

The wedding cake should be bright and fun, Cupcakes make perfect alternatives. They also allow you to go crazy with your color palette, If you want to include the traditional wedding cake for the cake cutting ceremony then a smaller cake with many cupcakes surrounding it might be a fun solution.

Photo credit: Simple Sarah Photography

This vintage desk looks great as a place for deserts. In keeping with the theme deserts can be a focus and displayed throughout the evening then called upon at cake cutting time.


Smaller arrangements with lots of color look great. Tea pot are a fab alternative to vases.
Keep the flowers just above the lip of the teapot. Bright and colorful is the order of the day.

Key Pendant is a great idea as a gift for guests or bridesmaids

Most importantly have fun with it. There can never be enough color or cake.

Photo credit: Oh Lovely Littles

Enjoy your day xxFF

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