Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Country chic heart Decoration.

       Here are all my DIY project. Have fun

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COUNTRY chic heart Decorations: Perfect for the Christmas tree &/or Valentines day.

I have been getting hugely excited about decorating our tree this christmas. This is the first tree i will be decorating for my own place. Every year i have been helping my mum with her precious glass decorations so this year i thought i would go for a less traditional tree with decorations i made mostly myself. Having just moved to NYC i didn't want to spend a lot of money on christmas decorations so here is another DIY tutorial so you can decorate your tree yourself.

What you need:

Fabric: i used calico for a natural look.Buttons TwineFiller - I used buffalo snowSmall buttonsPins, Scissors, sewing machine.

How to make it.

1. Draw a heart shape that you want to use on a piece of paper and cut out. This is your pattern.
2. Pin the pattern to calico and cut the calico around the pattern.
3. Sew the two pieces together leaving a hole 1.5" down one side so that you can turn the heart though.

4. Turn the heart through the gap and stuff with buffalo snow.
5. Hand stitch closed the gap.

6. Add the twin and decorative buttons.
Note: when sewing in the "V" of the heart reinforce it with a backward stitch then trim the fabric to the seam (this makes it easier to turn and get the deep v shape)

Have fun.

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  1. Very Lovely! Will try this tutorial thank you for sharing.