Saturday, December 7, 2013

DIY Garden Animal Christmas Wreath

I have been shopping for Christmas wreaths this year and I have to say there are some real shockers out there. They look cheap, tacky and of no artistic merit. I guess you have to expect that when Christmas like everything else has become a vehicle for mass produced, generic garbage.

I really don't want my house to got the way of a ikea showroom (no offense if you like ikea thats great they do make some great stuff. I just don't want to have what everyone else has) I wanted a wreath that screamed individuality and stood out.

I got to looking through my materials that I have in my craft room. I work with butterfly’s and birds when I am creating the fascinators I make for race season seeing these inspired me to created this garden themed wreath. I have to admit I have never seen a wreath made with butterfly's and birds. I come from a beach side community in Australia where I used to see a lot of wreaths made from seashells and starfish so I think this garden animal wreath project is very unique.

                                     So here are the materials  

                                                   Length of jasmine branches
                                                         Fake bird eggs 
                                                          Jewelry wire
                                       All these materials are available here

                                                   The tools

                                                                Glue Gun
                                                              Wire Cutters


I have made a movie and posted on you tube if you would like to see the process in its entirety. Or just follow along here to these simple instructions. Watch here

First step. Make the base. Take the long stretch of twigs and join the ends together using jewelry wire. I simple wrapped the wire around the wreath then twisted the two end pieces together and snipped off any excess wire.

2nd step: Attach the butterfly's. I arranged the butterfly's first as they would make up the bulk of the creatures I would be using.  Leaving room for the small eggs and the birds that I wanted to centre on the piece. I used the glue gun to attach the butterflies to the wreath. I left some on their wires to be wrapped around some of the branches. This meant i had butterflies "flying off" the wreath in a 3rd dimension.

3rd step: I positioned the eggs. Using the glue gun dab some glue on the underside of the eggs and place them into an area on the wreath where there is a good base (a thick area of twigs). I placed 2 eggs together.

4th step: Add the birds. The birds I have come on clips so I literally clipped them onto the wreath hovering over the eggs (to protect their eggs of course). The great thing about the birds being on a clip is that once christmas is all said and done I can unclip them and use them for another project. 

5th step: Add a wire loop to the top of the wreath (you can also use ribbon) and hang it in a central position so that everyone can admire your creative genius. 

Some of the fascinators I mentioned earlier

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