Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to Create an interesting photo wall display on a BUDGET.

The Brief: Create a Photo wall display of our amazing wedding pictures for under $60

As you may or may not know i recently got married. Yay!! I am sure you will all agree weddings are great but they do leave a gaping hole in ones pocket. But on the upside we had a great time and now i have a flurry of photos from my amazing photographer Martine Payne coming at me.
We have also just moved into a beautiful Brownstone in Harlem (another burning hole this time in my left pocket) which i have been busily decorating with amazing thrifty finds and DIY projects. I will get to all that in other blogs. However I still have plenty of white wall space that needed something quirky and artistic to fill it so it has lead me to this latest project.

First stop: My favorite site for inspiration Pinterest - I found so many great ideas for how to display photos and some unique ways to do it (check out a few i repined into my folder "home"). So by now my mind was filled with so many ideas i just had to get started.

Second stop: CVS Getting the photos printed. Being a women on a mission to keep within my budget i hit up the local CVS where inside you will find a Kodak imaging machine. I sat there with my nifty smart phone and downloaded a few pictures from my wedding. These machines are great. The prints were perfect for what i had install for them.
Its ridiculous how cheap they were 4 x 6" $0.19
                                                        5 x 7" $1.69
So i printed 7 @ 4x 6 and a 6 @ 5 x 7" some pictures i printed in two sizes as I was unsure as to what frames I would find. You may want to get your frames first and this way you can choose which print will work in which frame.  Total: $19.45

Third stop: Goodwill. I love goodwill they have so much great stuff and if you have the time to sift through everything you are bound to get some great things. I bought 10 frames for $47.81 and then redeemed some *Goodwill points to get a deduction of $10 Total on frames: $37.81

Last stop: Staples. I am only renting my apartment so I really didn't want to go around putting numerous holes in the wall. So I picked up a packet of  Command 3M Damage Free -  hanging hooks. These stick on with an adhesive and can hold up to 225g (they have larger ones as well for bigger projects) and drum roll please....... they don't leave a mark on the wall. Oh and the cost 9 hooks for $4.79 

So that leaves a total of $62.05 (damn perhaps i should have bought the frames first and got 3 less prints - though i did send the extra prints to my folks and you cant put a price on making your parents happy)

First things first. Get the pictures and match them to the best suited frames. One of my frames was broken on the edge and i was left with a lot of gummy reside from pulling off the price tags so i pulled out my weapons of choice "E6000" and "Goof Off", windex works a charm also.

Arrange the Frames: I don't believe in order. I feel like chaos is a little more creative however if you want to get a general feel for what you want you wall to look like i suggest laying everything on the floor first before you start hanging on the wall. Though if you are anything like me you will just go straight to the wall. The beauty of the 3M hooks is if you put it in the wrong spot just pull the hook off and go again - Brilliance

The view over my dining table
This is just the beginning......

In conclusion: I love the wall!! I lay on my couch and look over to it and remember what a magical day it was. My Husband thought it was a little narcissistic to have so many photos of ourselves on the wall so i swapped a few for some of his old family pictures just to keep the peace. I also feel like this is just the beginning as we collect more frames and discover more photos i will be adding to this.

Remember never stop creating!

xx FF

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